21 September 2010

Various Recipes for Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake 01 - Got this from Wanita Melayu.com


150 gm Chipsmore cookies - finely blend
2 tbsp butter ( room tempreture )


250 gm Philidephia cream cheese
300 ml yogurt ( fruit flavour )
100 ml castor sugar
100 ml vanilla ice-cream


130 ml water + 1 tbsp jelly powder -
stir together before going into microwave oven for about 1 min


1 tbsp luke warm water
Blueberry fillings

How to assemble

1. Put a piece of paper at the bottom of a springform cake pan ( 8"),
2. Mix together the butter and cookies, cover the bottom of the pan. Press a bit.
3. Whip the cream cheese together with the sugar.
4. Add in the yogurt and the ice cream. Mix well.
5. Add in the liquid. Combine well.
6. Pour into the pan and chill until firm.
7. Blueberry fillings for decorations.

He3X. Sorry le Kakak. Ibu dok kat kampung. Dah lama x practice speaking London.. Macamana pun..ni untuk rujukan sendiri. Kalau nak versi Bahasa Melayu, gi ler kat Sumber tadi. Nak ilmu, kenalah berusaha. Ibu belum pandai guna link

Entri yang lain, next time.

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